Skeet Shooting & Hunting

Although not a "Skeet Range" in the usual sense, ours is really termed a "Sporting Clay Course", as it is set in a natural environment. (We think of it as a skeet range with a twist.) Big electric throwers mounted in tree houses throw clay pigeons through a grove of big oaks, challenging shooters and simulating natural dive, duck and goose hunting.

(We often sponsor big skeet shoots, for big numbers, with multiple throwers. These are a great activity for a fund raiser, party, or group of more than 10.—Inquire as to costs.)

HUNTING - SOUTH TEXAS IS KNOWN WORLD-WIDE FOR ITS GREAT HUNTING OPPORTUNITIES, AND HUNTING RUNS DEEP IN OUR BLOOD AS A WAY OF LIFE. We welcome both experienced and novice shooters to a truly truly memorable experience. Be it dove, deer or waterfowl, our wildlife and habitat are managed to allow for the best opportunity possible.

Please see our HUNTING PAGE and inquire as to current prices.