River Activities

Go canoeing!

River IslandPart of our ranch is situated along the banks of Texas' Nueces River, where many fun hours are spent. Access to this river is very limited; therefore, you will probably be totally alone in this world except for the wildlife that calls it home and welcomes you to its territory. Whether you are kayaking, taking a canoeing trip, fishing, swimming your horse, picnicking on the banks, quietly exploring for birds or just relaxing in the cool water, this is a great place to be.

Horseback Riding in RiverThe river also has historical intrigue to it. Our swimming area on the river is said to be the site of the De Leon Crossing, where gold was supposed to have been buried in the 1800s. Additionally, the Indians sat on these banks in TX centuries ago, forming their arrowheads out of the natural churt that is plentiful here.

We provide kayaks and / or a canoe for our guests to use, at no cost (unless we are hauling them), either for a playful afternoon or a full-day trek down the river, exploring under low-hanging, moss-covered trees. Wildlife is plentiful here, as deer pause and gaze at you, turkeys gobble as you drift by and birds of all sorts quietly glide overhead. Fishing is also a great sport here as prized catfish are pulled from the river on a regular basis.

Relaxing by RiverThere is a beautiful sandbank that provides a perfect spot for an intimate picnic or a cooling swim. We will deliver a special lunch to you or you can take a lazy stroll on horseback to the picnic grounds on the river with your lunch in your saddlebag. A quilt or chilled bottle of champagne will be provided for you; one only needs to be ready to relax and enjoy a good book or maybe a nap as your life slows its pace and you relax for the afternoon.

Regardless of how you choose to enjoy the Nueces River, it is definitely a vital part of life here and provides tremendous opportunities for fun and relaxation while you vacation at the Knolle Farm Bed and Breakfast.