Cows by TreesAlthough we have diversified with our Bed & Breakfast, which provides horseback riding stables where you can board your horse, and custom grass planting, raising beef cattle remains basic to this Texas guest ranch. We believe in the beef industry and in promoting and sustaining the way of life that allows for it. Our aim is to produce cattle for a high quality market niche. With a changing world and lifestyles, there will always be a place for a great piece of beef on the table, and that is what we strive for!

Therefore, we continue to fine-tune our genetics and methods of handling and production to insure top carcass quality and fine maternal characteristics. Our mother herd is Senepol based, with some Hereford influence, and we use only top quality Red Angus bulls as sires. The Senepol cow is an alternative heat-tolerant breed that originated in St. Croix. Originally a dual purpose cow for a tropical climate, these red polled cows bring fine maternal characteristics, gentle personalities, and heat tolerance to the herd, without sacrificing beef tenderness. Paired with the Red Angus bulls, with their supreme marbling ability, our calves fit exactly what the beef industry desires - tender, juicy beef from calves that gain well on grass or feed.

CowherdWe are recently developing a fine heifer market. We select only our best calves, background them here on the ranch, then hand-feed and gently handle them until they become as quiet as possible. These uniform heifers that we sell are gentle, heat tolerant, polled animals that will provide any rancher a fine replacement female, whether his herd is 20 or 2000.

Even guests staying here on our property take great joy in feeding the cattle; what joy to watch a child's face as that big tongue gently sweeps up that cube out of his hand! We look forward to helping anyone learn more about these great animals that are so essential to the food chain.

Custom Grass Planting

Planting GrassKnolle Farm & Ranch has its very own South Texas Custom Grass Planting expert - Stephen D. Naiser, Beth's husband. Every successful rancher knows that ranchers are in the business of raising grass, as well as looking after the creatures that eat the grass. We must be stewards of the land and nurture it in every way. Both improved pasture and native grasses are necessary to balance a diversified operation of ranching, hunting and entertaining guests.

Steve runs a custom grass seed and planting operation that has been in the business for over 25 years and his reputation is one of the best in the state (he also plants in neighboring states). He consults with landowners as to how to best improve their pastures and get the most out of their grasses. He offers a full-service operation that supplies and plants (with precision equipment) both Jiggs Bermuda and Tifton 85 grasses.

Grass Planting EquipmentSteve works with Texas A&M University, continually updating his knowledge as well as sharing it at many field days throughout the state. He loves to help educate others in how they can best utilize their southwest ranches.

If you are interested in learning more about his operation, he can be contacted at (361) 547-6414. Additionally, his website provides an overview of his operations and answers to frequently asked questions at www.stephendnaiser.com.

Custom Grass Planting