The Purpose of KFR

Sometimes friends, family and guests ask us, "why do you do this year after year and continue to expand and delight guests returning with new generations"??

In a nutshell, we love what we do! We are continually looking for, and enlarging ways to allow the general public to partake in, enjoy, and interact with Mother Nature and the glorious blessings that we have here. It is with such a joy that we realize a higher value in our efforts. We are preserving a heritage, a way of life, and a background that will, hopefully instill in a new generation some of the values that we hold dear.


  • Watched the sun rise red over the ancient oaks, as they stick their branches out of the fog that wraps itself around the river valley?
  • Caught a baby calf “off guard” as it nurses on its’ mom, and seen its’ mouth covered in milk?
  • Listened to stories of Indian folklore, and imagined their lives as they sat on these same hilltops?
  • Seen the Sandhill Cranes drop their long, skinny legs, looking like Ikabod Crane, as they land every night?
  • Watched young heifers “play volleyball” with fresh cut bales of hay, tossing them in the air, and gleefully kicking up their heels, as they run away?
  • Listened to deafening “talk” of thousands of waterfowl on their roost at night, only to awaken to them quietly lifting off this wetland in unison, to go explore for daily food.
  • Watched a baby foal run beside its’ mom on a cool spring morning through lush green pastures?
  • Sat by a campfire with a child, listening to the coyotes?
  • Seen a mom and 15 baby piglets cross the path you are walking down?
  • Climbed a huge oak tree, and discovered a secret hiding spot?
  • Ridden horseback through the early morning dawn, seeing the amazing delicate patterns of dew covered spider webs, with the early morning rays shining through.
  • Drifted leisurely down the river under low hung trees covered in Spanish moss?
  • Felt your own thumb in a piece of worked stone that an Indian placed his in hundreds of years ago, as he cut, hammered, or sawed with this primitive tool?
  • Watched a family getting to know one another, generations spending time together, experiencing things that know no “ages”?
  • Listened to the quiet strumming of the harp and he gentle breeze, as wedding vows were exchanged and new lives begun?

These and hundreds of experiences like these are the “Purpose” of Knolle Farm & Ranch Bed, Barn, & Breakfast. We take our responsibilities seriously, and thank our Creator for the confidence He has shown in us; therefore, striving to care for this land, its creatures, and its heritage, and share these things with guests who visit here. We are truly "stewards of this great land", and we hope that guests here may feel just a portion of the joy and peace that we know as we share our home with those who join us here.

Thank you for being our friends!