Our Pool, Garden, & Playground

No one ever said that pools and gardens must be limited to either kids or adults. We want all generations to enjoy a dip in the pool or a slide down a curly slide, right into a broccoli plant!

Our infinity pool is ecologically friendly, with fresh water continually flowing, and few chemicals to disturb the balance of nature. It sits overlooking the beautiful wetland and valley below the headquarters, and is unique with its rock steps and waterfall. A large stone patio welcomes groups to hang out, enjoy the family, or have a quiet cocktail watching the moon rise over the wetland….even a massage is great by the pool!

Enter a graceful arbor next door to the pool, and discover a playground and garden for all ages. Immaculately manicured and cared for, our garden produces many vegetables and herbs for our fine foods. We encourage kids to “pick and eat”, and gain a love for fresh vegetables. And, while they are discovering the world of vegetables that surrounds the playground, they may climb to the highest top of the playhouse, swing until they feel like they can touch the sky, hang on the monkey bars, or slide down the slides. (Even adults can join in the fun of swinging and sliding; but, “vegetable picking” is for kids only, please!)