Olives and Bees

Do the words arbuquina or chemchali mean anything to you? To a person who has an olive orchard or a bee keeper they are very special words. In an effort to enjoy, and allow others to partake in the bounty of South Texas, we have established olives, peaches and bees in our orchard. The honey is predominantly mesquite based, (as it is so plentiful in our pastures), and with any luck, next year, we will see our first harvested olives. It is great fun to show off our trees, (and hopefully forthcoming fruits of our labor) to gusts here.

Olives do not only mean olive oil, they mean soap, body lotion, and more, and our hopes are to let guests enjoy these unique items as we broaden our horizons in the "Olive World".

Also, be looking for our honey in specialty stores; it is totally organic and chemical free. (If you are lucky you might be here when we are harvesting honey; if not, we are using it in our baking and cooking whenever possible.)