Fishing is not just about catching fish; but, it is also about enjoying the quiet of nature, letting your mind wander as you watch the cork bob, sharing time with friends, teaching "little" ones' to bait a hook, and lots more! We have recently added a great new fishing lake, and, to give you a better chance of catching "that big one", we have stocked the lake with LOADS OF BASS, CATFISH, TILAPIA, CROPPY, as well as whatever is dropped off by birds flying over. Guests here can either hang out at a favorite fishing hole at the river, or take advantage of our fishing lake. Either way, it is complimentary to guests here. We welcome you to throw out a line and see what you hook, relax, prop up your feet in a comfy adirondack chair, and make some great memories!
(Catch and release please from the lake, & please bring your own pole & bait.)

People travel from throughout the United States to experience Corpus Christi, Port Aransas and Rockport, Texas fishing. Although inland, the Knolle Farm B&B is just a short distance away the fabulous fishing in the area’s flats, coves, and bays. We welcome you to add this to your activities while staying here. Imagine a great morning fishing trip for fabulous redfish, followed by a relaxed afternoon dove hunt - sheer joy for the outdoorsman!

Steve's brother, Chuck Naiser is a renowned fishing guide in this area. Guiding for 25 years, Chuck knows every nook and cranny in this area, and can show you exactly where, and how to catch the big ones. Chuck is renowned for having helped bring flyfishing to this area, and has guided thousands of fisherman, including George Bush. Regardless of your fishing needs or experience, whether you are novice or seasoned fisherman, we will take care of all the details of a fishing trip you will always remember!