Cooking Classes

Calling all foodies, novices, aspiring chefs, and culinary fans wishing to broaden their daily dining experiences through a Texas cooking class.

Have you ever wondered:

  • Why your bread didn't rise??
  • How to use all those beautiful herbs that you would like to grow in your window sills?
  • Which wines really go with what food, what they taste like, and how to verbally describe what wine you want to the waiter when you know none of the wines on the wine list?
  • How to make that lovely duck, goose, deer, or hog really taste like something you want to enter your home, much less serve as a meal?
  • Easy and Elegant meals and appetizers for stress- free entertaining.
  • Holiday foods that will wow your guests and those who receive them.
  • Interesting ways to eat healthy, but never know you are doing so.
  • How to expand your daily family Culinary Experience, (how many times can I NOT serve grilled chicken breasts in a week?)
  • How to turn a Chuck-wagon, open-fire cook-out into a culinary extravaganza?

Continued demand for fine foods, both in guests'; private quarters, as well as for larger group events and weddings has led us to expand our staff to include executive Chef Lawrence Vera. Chef Vera has experience as a private chef as well as training in many varied facets of fine cuisine as well as healthy spa foods. Our entire staff delights in sharing an appreciation of great foods with our guests; therefore, we have expanded into cooking classes that will inspire and educate guests to new freedom and creativity in dining.

Scheduling for COOKING CLASSES will vary, ranging from a full weekend of feasting, relaxing accommodations and camaraderie, with "hands on" training, to shorter, "social hour" culinary demonstrations or Sunday brunch classes. We will even prepare chuck wagon breakfasts or camp-cooking, gourmet-style for those who want to include Mother Nature in their culinary experience. All classes include food tasting, and most culminate in a fine dining experience, fully enjoying the "fruits of the labor". Of course, guests joining us will go home with recipes for all foods prepared.

Weekend Gastronome Getaway

In a quiet, informal environment, we want to create an unforgettable weekend for 10-12 guests to enjoy fine dining, quiet evenings, and a relaxing time by the pool or river. We will customize this weekend for a corporate party or private affair. Food choices will be developed as an appealing menu, with a variety of options for the Executive Chef or the "At-Home" chef to be able to create an array of entrees, side and dessert recipes to appeal to family and guests.

Typical Schedule


3:00 – 4:00 pm Check-In/ Introduction of staff/ hosts/ guests, and general overview of the weekend.
Let us give you a tour of ranch, relax by pool, kayak, skeet shoot, massage, etc.
5:30 pm
Appetizers/ wine/ cocktails/ social gathering
7:30 pm
Dinner is optional. We would be happy to treat you to a specialty of the Chef or allow you to choose a special dinner to be delivered to your private quarters.



9:00 am
Breakfast by pool or in room (your choice). Relax, massage, hike, bird, read, etc.
12:00 pm
Lunch/ Relax/Activities.
3:00 pm
Gather in Event Room or on Patio for GOURMET SCHOOL. Chef Vera commences with instructions/preparations for Gourmet Dinner.
6:00-7:00 pm
Relax, Shower, Appetizers, cocktails
7:00 - 7:30 pm
Dinner Served/ Dessert


9:00 am
Breakfast delivered to your room. Relax and depart, ready to try out your new-found talents and expertise!

Afternoon / Evening
Cooking Demonstrations and Dinner

This is a relaxed hour and a half of cooking demonstration, socializing and samplings of signature cocktail or selected wines, with tempting tastings of foods prepared by Chef Vera. This can be followed by a lovely dinner with ingredients and recipes that were introduced during cooking classes.

Sunday Brunch Classes

These are similar to the Afternoon Cooking Demonstrations, except a sumptuous luncheon will be served after the class.

Scheduling of Cooking Classes:

Classes can either be custom designed for your group, (with food areas that you wish to expand your knowledge of), and booked individually for you, or you can join in a scheduled class that we will pre-plan with a variety of concentrations and menus. Please call us for current class schedules and we will do our best to meet your personal needs and wishes for expanding your culinary skills.