"For the Discriminating Outdoor Enthusiast"

Are you looking for activities to satisfy the entire family, or a special outdoor retreat or diversion to refresh your body & soul? South Texas and the Corpus Christi area are renowned for world class hunting, fishing and boating, and supply the perfect place for experiencing these first hand. Outdoor enthusiasts, particularly appreciate the easy access to these sports, and we will line up any of these excursions for you, if desired. Short daytrips to enjoy the famous Texas State Aquarium, the Lexington, beaches, Port Aransas, Rockport, birding, first class museums, the King Ranch, great restaurants, and lots more are easy jaunts from KFR, all within 45 minutes to an easy hour.


Stay at the Farm & you'll have plenty to occupy your days. Get a glimpse of the fun here, and scroll through our "Activites" page to discover what KFR has to offer you and your family and friends!

poolside at Knolle FarmIf you're interested in the outdoor adventure, we can provide access to many great things to do during your South Texas vacation at the Knolle Farm & Ranch Bed & Breakfast. These activities are not structured or organized (except for hunting), but are meant to allow guests to partake in our beautiful countryside in a relaxed manner. If you never want to leave the headquarters, just stay and enjoy the pool and a stroll through the garden and playground, explore our olive grove, check out the bee hives, or meet the "critters" who also call this home. For those a bit more "adventuresome" we offer the use of our facilities and equipment to guests after making sure that they are proficient and are capable of enjoying themselves safely. Activities include canoeing and kayaking, fishing, hiking and biking, numerous games, as well as skeet shooting and hunting. Being on the Great Texas Central Coastal Birding Trail, birding is a favorite past-time here, with easy access to a huge array of birds, especially amazing waterfowl in the winter season. Photography groups and art clinics are encouraged to enjoy the great wildlife viewing. The countryside ranges from lush rolling pastures to wetlands and riverfront to South Texas brush country, thereby providing a wide variety of habitat and options for creative endeavors near Corpus Christi, TX.

Mother Nature does govern much of our ability to enjoy these outdoor adventures; therefore, we cannot always guarantee access to all of them and ask that guests be understanding of possible limitations, including rain and inclement weather. Also, as safety is our number one concern and the outdoors may expose guests to certain possible risks, we request that guests sign liability releases and share our safety concerns. Please continue on with more details and pictures.