Archeology And Anthropology

If the idea of joining a team on an archeological dig to discover and uncover the past interests you, we have just the place for your next vacation trip. The Knolle Farm and Ranch in South Texas and the lower Nueces River Valley offers a site that is unique for discovering and understanding the realities of the past ages and the opportunity to answer some of the questions that follow.

ArchaeologistsWhat was life really like in 8000 BC? What did the early humans eat? What was social life like? What tools did these people use and how were they made? And how do we discover these mysteries today?

This area that we call home replicates and includes the landscape inhabited by early pre-historic hunting and gathering groups. It also boasts remains from Spanish colonial settlements, an 1830s military outpost and historic trails. Additionally, at the McGloin House, there are remnants from the Lipan and Carancahua Indians.

Excavation NotesKnolle Farm, and much of the neighboring land, is included in an anthropological field study that is an ongoing project of Texas A&M University Corpus Christi and the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History. Dr. Bob Drolet heads up a field research team of university students and specialists in documenting prehistoric and early historic settlement patterns. Included are the Paleo-Indian Period (11500 - 750 BC), the Archaic Period (7500 - 900 BC), the Late Prehistoric Period (AD 1250 - 1700), and the Early Historic Period (AD 1700 - 1830). A total of 28 sites have been recorded within the study area, most being previously unrecorded prehistoric camps or quarries.

Nueces RiverOur guests here are welcome to join this team of professionals and students anytime during the 7 week summer period for a hands-on archeology and anthropology vacation as they survey, test, excavate and evaluate archeological sties in this area. Guests can enjoy all the comforts of a B&B stay and participate in this unique experience, too. Sit on a gentle rolling hill overlooking the giant oaks and realize that you are sitting in exactly the same spot as the great Karankawa or Apache tribes or even a prehistoric civilization from thousands of years ago. You can almost see the deer and bison that they hunted quietly grazing in the valley below as they worked their chert into useful tools. What a thrill to discover artifacts, including projectile points, pottery, bones and pieces of worked stone. And, at the end of a fascinating day of delving into the area's past, peacefully relax in a long, soaking bath, feast on beef tenderloin and curl up on your down pillows.

Dusting for Artifacts
Studying Excavation

We invite you to take advantage of this truly unique situation. Although you can always enjoy the strolling countryside, feeling the presence of long past civilizations, the time for participating in these digs is limited, so please book your reservation soon. Please refer to the links below for more information and a copy of 2002's field study reports.